A Lonxa de Álvaro | Restaurante Muxia - Costa da Morte
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Bid for our dishes, enjoy our flavor


Lonxa d’alvaro is not a common restaurant. It is true that here you will find delicious dishes prepared with first quality products, but what makes us special is that you will have to compete for them.

As has traditionally been done in fish markets, where fish and shellfish obtained from fishing were sold to wholesalers and merchants, some of our dishes are auctioned here, so if you want to try them you will have to venture and bid against them. other clients. Sounds like fun? We invite you to know us and learn more about our proposal.



Octopus “Feira”

One of the best known meals linked to the gastronomic tradition of Galicia and especially its connection to the sea. This delicious meal proves that sometimes, less is more. An octopus from our markets prepared with care and seasoned with olive oil and paprika. A simple but delicious meal, famous all over the world and with products from our land, prepared in the traditional way, what more could you ask for?

Rice with Lobster

Rice is the most consumed food in the world, and of course, there are countless recipes that are made with this ingredient; but few distill more maritime character than boiled rice with lobster. We prepare a rice with a good fried seasoned with homemade fish broth to enhance the flavor and crown this delicious recipe with a lobster of the highest quality. A perfect dish for celebrations and special days that can also be tasted all year round.