A Lonxa de Álvaro | About us
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About us

The tradition of our Fish Markets

Fishing has been since humans live in community one of the main activities of obtaining food resources and one of the main economic engines until today. Fishing boats, both high and low, for hundreds of years have had the fish markets as a must stop after their trips.


In the fish markets, fishermen sell the fruit of their labor to wholesalers and traders. This sale is always a sight worth seeing, since the products are auctioned. Either with the traditional method to live voice or using the latest technologies, the art of auction has always been linked to fishing and maritime tradition in Galicia and around the world.

Our restaurant

From Lonxa d’alvaro wanted to maintain this tradition to base our restaurant. As in the fish markets, we will have dishes that will go to auction, and if you want to try them, you will have to bid for them. If you win the auction, the dish will be for you; If not … You´ll have to wait for the next one! So we created an original and peculiar method of knowing our seafood culture, and of encouraging you to try recipes that maybe you did not know you loved at first. You want to know more? We invite you to discover our delicacies.