A Lonxa de Álvaro | About the Fish Markets
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About the Fish Markets

What whe wknow about Fish markets?

Throughout history, human beings have used the sea as one of the main sources of resources. To obtain food, fishing has been one of the fundamental activities for humanity. Currently there are many advances and modalities in this broad sector, but what does not change is the place where fishermen and merchants gather around fish and seafood brought by fishermen on their boats: the fish markets.


But what exactly are fish markets? These are facilities, normally located in the vicinity of a port where fishermen meet each morning to assess and exchange their merchandise with wholesalers, who buy fish and seafood for their business. Basically you can say that it is a market like any other, except that it has certain characteristics that we explain below.

How Fish Markets works?

First thing is to wait for the fishing boats arrival. Navigation is available in the fishing port, so the auction is held according to the ships that arrive at sea, discharging their precious cargo. While the berth is being made, the ship’s personnel stack the fish and shellfish in the boxes for later sale, sorting by species and size.


Once prepared and exposed the product in the fish market, starting the usual auction. Although currently in Spain is no longer a mandatory practice, in Galicia it is still a common practice. In the past, auctions became a living voice, although nowadays the process is usually computerized and the process is more efficient, even if that characteristic “magic” of marketing is lost.


This type of auction may well be upwards as in other usual practices, either “to the Dutch” or to the downside, a very peculiar bidding style and characteristic of this type of market. Do you want to know how it works?


First, once the rate and the product label, the sale on the screen with the price that starts the bid. The restorers, fishermen and other professional buyers, the price of the exit and the price of the purchase. When the potential buyer has an interesting price, press the buy button in the command that you have and you have already registered your purchase of the box in question at the price I have at the time of pressing.


If this is so, why not wait? What is the cheapest possible? You have to remember that in the bids there is a lot of competition, so if you have an interested person. It is important at the time of publication, to know the fishermen and the type of product that we offer, what can be offered in the future, the quality and the quantity of them that can vary depending on the supplier, the season of the year or even time